Surfing thrills

No superyacht garage is complete without some adrenaline providing toys and you’ll find no better addition to the toy cupboard than an e-board

An exclusive limited edition made in their headquarters. Dive into action with the brand new Deep Green Pro Carbon Biax, a limited capsule collection signed by PWR-Foil. With its compact outline and impressive lightness, this board remains faithful to the spirit of the Black Pro Carbon Biax. Its curved rails offer responsive manoeuvrability, perfect for tackling waves and executing tight turns.

Available in three distinct sizes:
4’8”x24”x4”: 142x61x11.9 –> 74L = 5.25kg
5’2”x25”x4”: 158×63.5×11.9 –> 85L = 5.8kg
5’8”x25.9”x4”: 172x66x11.9 –> 97L = 6.5kg.

Experience the excitement of surfing with the Deep Green. Immerse yourself in action with the Deep Green Pro Carbon Biax and feel the thrill with every turn.


Awake Electric Surfboards are leading the charge in the electric surfboard segment and redefining how we interact with the water. As featured in this edition of ONBOARD Magazine, Awake’s innovative boards ensure that every ride is smooth, exhilarating, and eco-friendly, promising to enhance your yachting lifestyle. Easy to learn and full of thrilling moments, these boards provide the most impressive water sports experience for guests. Each model in the Awake lineup is engineered for excellence. From the rapid acceleration of the RÄVIK jetboards to the agility of the VINGA eFoil series, there’s a perfect match for every type of rider. With their sleek design and intuitive handling, Awake promises to transform your yachting experience, allowing guests to explore the waters around them in a whole new way. Embrace the future of water sports with Awake Electric Surfboards, where innovation meets adventure.


At Takuma, they stand as trailblazers in the realm of watersports, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They started their journey by pioneering hydrofoils and eFoils, but their passion for innovation now propels them to expand into an even wider array of watersport equipment. Takuma merge the worlds of electric and non-electric, creating a dynamic range redefining the way they interact with the elements. What sets Takuma apart is their design expertise and relentless pursuit of genuine progress. With Takuma, you’ll experience the thrill of gliding effortlessly over the water, whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced rider. Their goal is simple yet ambitious: they want to bring as many people as possible into the world of watersports. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and accessibility is what makes them the brand of choice for those who seek adventure, adrenaline, and unforgettable moments on the water.

In the world of luxury watersports and superyacht toys, SiFly’s eFoils stand out as a premier choice.
The brand is developed by a skilled professional kite surfer. Within a mere three years, this dynamic startup has not only claimed its space but also redefined excellence in the sport. The Stellar Series offers an unparalleled experience, at the forefront of hydrodynamic design and functionality. Its carbon construction promises precision in every carve. The series is renowned for its revolutionary board architecture, which guarantees instinctive control, and a direct, responsive connection to the eFoil. This series achieves a remarkable synthesis of an integrated mast foot with a sleek carbon frame accelerating your journey to eFoiling proficiency. SiFly caters to riders of all levels, offering a lineup that spans from soft-top eFoils and inflatable models to a variety tailored to diverse needs and desires. This selection is further enhanced by a range of innovative accessories, such as the EZ Go stabilizer, the DragonFly handlebar, and the Battery Smart Charger, all supported by an intuitive APP. Start flying with SiFly eFoils!


In the heart of Canada’s breathtaking landscapes, Jerry McArthur, an entrepreneur and extreme sports enthusiast, has transformed his passion into a groundbreaking invention: the Hydroflyer. Drawing from his experiences racing mountain bikes, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes in places like Whistler and the Sunshine Coast, McArthur sought to marry the thrill of mountain sports with the allure of the ocean. His journey began in 2017 upon discovering foiling surfboards, sparking the idea to create an innovative watercraft. The Hydroflyer, with its robust motor and safety features like a kill switch and automatic braking, has been hailed for its performance and versatility. The Hydroflyer is not just a product; it’s a testament to Canadian innovation, blending adrenaline- packed adventure with cutting-edge technology. It stands as a symbol of McArthur’s vision and Canada’s contribution to the global water sports industry.

“HYPER-EASY. HYPER-SMOOTH. Are you prepared to take your water adventures to unprecedented heights? “HYPERFLY”, Aerofoils’ latest innovation supported by AUDI which is going to revolutionise outdoor exploration. The “HYPERFLY” transcends being just a water scooter; it becomes your all-round companion for exploring vast water expanses, powered by cutting-edge electric hydrofoil technology. Whether you seek serene lakes, challenging rapids, or leisurely shore rides, The “HYPERFLY” adapts to your every need. Safety is paramount in water activities, and “HYPERFLY” delivers with its Anti-Breach System. This innovative feature ensures peace of mind by anticipating and alerting you to unexpected breaches, guaranteeing a safe adventure every time. The intuitive design caters to all levels of experience, offering a secure and comfortable ride with market-leading handle concepts and gear fastening options. The “HYPERFLY” isn’t just a product; it’s a gateway to a world of endless aquatic possibilities. Embrace a new era of water exploration with “HYPERFLY” by Aerofoils and make every adventure one to remember.