Suspension seating

Marine suspension seating, once a luxury, has become a necessity. As Yacht Tenders have become larger and faster, so have the forces applied to the body

Not all suspension units are built equal. The two main forms of marine suspension are mechanical and air suspension. Although mechanical spring suspension is better than no suspension, it doesn’t offer the comfortability, adjustability, smoothness or fine-tuning of an air shock suspension unit.

Suspension with an air-sprung shock allows you to adjust the air pressure in the shock to match the weight of the person in the seat. Meaning every seat can have just the right amount of suspension to keep each occupant comfortable and safe while on the water. Professional seat suspension is for boaters looking to navigate the worst of waters, at speed, and for those who want the best. Recreational suspension is designed for moderate sea conditions and lower speeds.

Premium suspension seating
Professional suspension seats are for boaters who need the absolute highest performance suspension. Militaries, search & rescue, professional mariners, charter fishing guides, tender captains, or anyone who is regularly out on the water should consider a Shockwave suspension base. Our professional suspension seats offer unparalleled comfort, protection, and performance, used by the top militaries in the world in the roughest sea conditions.

Shockwave is recognised internationally as a premium suspension seat and the company that sets the standard for marine suspension across all types of vessels. Shockwave products are welded, assembled, powder coated, and built in Canada with materials supplied by our high-quality partners; FOX Defense, Corbin, Speedway Engineering, and IGUS. Adding suspension seating will ensure maximum safety and comfort for the people aboard your vessel.

Different suspensions for recreational and professional boating applications
Shockwave professional suspension seats are used widely by various military, SAR teams, and other professional boaters around the world, as well as recreational boaters who demand the best.

The Shockwave S3 suspension seat is designed for the most demanding sea conditions at high speeds. Providing 203 mm of travel in the air- sprung marinized shock by FOX Defense, your limiting factor will be your boat, not your body. The Shockwave S3 seat is the best, made for the best. The Shockwave S2 suspension seat is a lighter version of the S3 utilising 152 mm of travel in the air-sprung marinized FOX Defense Shock, keeping occupants safe and comfortable.

One of the features of Shockwave’s S5 Sentinel, the recreational suspension base, is that you can attach nearly any seat you want to it. Easy installation and compatibility with most boats and seats means you can install it and be back on the water on the same day. Shockwave also offers a premium seat, the Commander, that attaches directly to the suspension base.

You wouldn’t drive your vehicle without suspension, so why wouldn’t you have suspension on your power boat where the impact on your body is much greater?

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