The Monaco Yacht Show 2023

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is an annual international show dedicated to the world of superyachts.

Inaugurated in 1991, the show is held over four days in late September in the Port Hercule of Monaco.

The MYS is divided into two main exhibition areas: afloat and on the quayside. Afloat, 118 superyachts and +50 luxury tenders are displayed by the most renowned builders and brokers in the market.

530 hand-picked companies, representing excellence and innovation in yachting, exhibit on the quayside: designers and naval architects, yacht suppliers and service providers or manufacturers of tenders and nautical gadgets.

In recent years, the show has extended its exhibition offer to the ultra-high-end markets intrinsically linked to the art of living superyachting by showcasing luxury products, cars and motorcycles and also helicopters or private jet manufacturers.

The Monaco Yacht Show is world-renowned for the exceptional quality of its superyachts and their impressive length: among the +100 units on display, +40 new models are unveiled as world premieres each year. The fleet has an average length of 50m and mega yachts exceeding 100m.

The show has become an emblematic event for private visitors who come to discover an outstanding concentration of superyachts available for purchase or charter and to meet the industry experts in the festive and glamorous atmosphere of the Principality of Monaco.

The Monaco Yacht Show is organised under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The Monaco Yacht Show announces the return of the Adventure Area, a thematic exhibition dedicated to adventure, exploration, and leisure activities with a yacht.

From September 27 to 30, the show’s Adventure Area will feature an extensive showcase of superyacht tenders, luxurious off-road vehicles, cutting-edge water toys, high-tech gadgets and helicopters to the most remote corners of our planet.

The exhibition will again span across two locations within Port Hercule. At Quai Antoine Ier, visitors will find the display of luxury vehicles, tenders, and water toys while Quai Jarlan will display around twenty tenders annually as the second site.

As the demand for thrilling adventures and bespoke experiences continues to grow within yachting, the creation of an expanded exhibition encompassing all adventure-related activities aligns with the MYS ambition to offer visitors the full spectrum of yachting experiences.

Today, yacht enthusiasts want to drive all-terrain vehicles at the North Pole, embark on underwater excursions, explore secluded islands via tenders, enjoy la dolce vita in the Med, indulge in personalised tours of historical and cultural sites along the coast, encounter wildlife while preserving their ecosystems, and even engage in scientific research during a charter.

With the return of the three thematic exhibitions to the MYS this year, namely the Sustainability Hub, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub and the Adventure Area, the Monaco Yacht Show solidifies its commitment to redefine the yachting experience.

Key Figures of the 2023 MYS
A diverse exhibition on display: 560 carefully selected exhibitors representing excellence and innovation in yachting are showcased on the docks: naval designers and architects, yacht equipment providers, service providers, as well as manufacturers of tenders and nautical gadgets.

An impressive fleet: In total, 117 superyachts, including 3 exceptional catamarans, will be present at Port Hercule, making this event the ultimate gathering of maritime luxury.

New horizons: 45 yachts launched in 2023 are on display, alongside 16 yachts launched or refitted in 2022. This impressive fleet includes 61 yachts less than 2 years old, a remarkable proportion of 52% of the MYS yacht fleet.

Yacht builders and brokers: the show welcomes 58 yachts presented by shipyards (representing 49.60% of the fleet) and 59 yachts presented by brokers (constituting 50.4% of the fleet). This balance ensures a diverse presentation of new builds and charter yachts.

Luxury tenders: to complement the superyachts, 61 luxury tenders will be exhibited, including 2 extraordinary submarines, adding an extra touch of prestige to the event.

An adventurous spirit: Beyond the sea, MYS 2023 emphasizes both land and air with 30 cars and motorcycles on display in the adventure area, as well as 2 helicopters, offering a truly immersive experience for all visitors.

MYS 2023 leaves a lasting mark on yachting. A sustainable mark.
The conclusion of the 2023 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (September 27-30, 2023) was marked by enthusiasm shared among all stakeholders in the yachting sector. The MYS was hailed as an essential and powerful media and commercial catalyst. This recognition underscores the importance of the MYS in addressing societal and environmental issues that have become intrinsic to the development of the yachting industry.

Featuring a diverse exhibition showcasing 565 exhibitors and a fleet of 117 superyachts, with increased attendance from potential clients (11,634 private visitors out of a total of 27,223 visitors), MYS 2023 reinforced the industry’s recent shift toward more responsible navigation.

The theme of sustainability was at the forefront of all discussions, capturing the attention of the media, visitors, and exhibitors alike.

The opening conference of the Monaco Yacht Show aimed to dispel prejudices regarding yachting’s impact on global marine pollution, which stands at 0.3%. The presentation highlighted the correlation between this low figure (though still too high!) and the substantial investment made by the industry in developing sustainable solutions for cleaner navigation.

The crucial role of the Sustainability Hub in promoting more responsible practices within the industry was fully realized by providing an exceptional showcase for clean energy solutions. This incubator for companies specializing in eco-friendly solutions, selected in partnership with the Water Revolution Foundation, holds crucial importance as the yachting sector continues to evolve toward higher sustainability standards. Siemens Energy’s sponsorship of this space was particularly noted for its contribution to the technological development of sustainable energy source management systems and environmentally friendly fuels.

The commitment to ecological practices was shared by the 565 exhibitors, each presenting their pragmatic approach to environmental preservation on their stands or during the thirty conferences ( see the report on advanced trends discussed during these roundtable sessions).

Yacht Design & Innovation Hub – Evolution of design towards sustainability and functionality

The various projects presented by designers unequivocally converged towards two imperative guiding criteria in the construction of future yachts: sustainability and functionality.

What emerges is a true virtuous circle where technological advances intersect with an increased focus on sustainability, reflecting new onboard lifestyles with yacht owners seeking extended stays. The pandemic has indeed led to a growing trend among clients who now view their yachts as full-fledged work and living spaces.

Designers, aware of this new reality, committed themselves to guiding their clients toward responsible navigation, enabling a holistic approach to the sustainability and functionality of tomorrow’s yachts through eco-friendly innovations. Energy consumption reduction and the adoption of environmentally friendly materials form the core of this approach, instilling a forward-looking perspective. The Water Revolution Foundation has also launched the Designers’ Protocol, a pioneering initiative aimed at establishing sustainability principles and standards for yacht design. This comprehensive framework facilitates discussions on essential sustainability aspects with clients, fostering responsible and environmentally friendly yacht projects.

Commitment to environmental and societal actions

The MYS provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and the commitment of the yachting community, driven by the firm belief in playing a concrete and essential role in favor of environmental and societal actions.

This was notably reflected during the inaugural evening “The Honours,” orchestrated by the Monaco Yacht Show and The Superyacht Life Foundation. During this event held on Tuesday, September 26, three individuals were honored. Wendy Schmidt, recognized for her unwavering commitment to marine preservation. Jenny Matthews was distinguished for her exceptional work in promoting diversity through female representation in the yachting industry. Finally, Zoran Selakovic, at YachtAid Global, was praised for his mobilization within the international yachting community to provide humanitarian aid in case of natural disasters, as well as for his conservation initiatives for coastal populations worldwide.

In addition, the Monaco Yacht Show continued its carbon neutrality program to reduce its own environmental impact, fully aligning with the environmental actions promoted during the four days of the show.

Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of MYS, stated, «With the support of the Principality and the Informa Group (Editor’s note: FasterForward is Informa’s program aiming to offer sustainable events in the long term), MYS is actively involved in developing a plan to progress towards carbon neutrality. However, the success of our initiative depends on the collaboration of our exhibitors and the awareness of our visitors. We have the responsibility to emphasize the importance of sustainable practices within the yachting industry through the perspective of our events. It was crucial to raise awareness among our exhibitors and visitors, as we are currently in the data collection stage to assess the resources needed to neutralize our carbon footprint in the long term.»

MYS 2023 proved to be a successful new edition in multiple aspects, generating enthusiasm and renewed confidence among exhibitors who expressed satisfaction with the quality of visitors, illustrating the exceptional commercial potential of the event.

The growing trend of interest from new fortunes in yachting was confirmed, with a significant number of online yacht visits aligning with this dynamic. The official program for MYS VIP visitors, the Sapphire Experience, played a proactive role in facilitating connections between these serious private visitors and shipyards as well as brokers. MYS coordinated 217 yacht visits through its official program and other initiatives to welcome private clientele.

The exhibition brought together an impressive fleet of 117 superyachts, including 45 launches in 2023 and 61 units under two years old, solidifying MYS’s reputation as an essential promotional stage in the yacht rental, purchase, or commissioning process.

This edition also highlighted the growing interest of new fortunes in yachting, demonstrating the relevance and perpetual appeal of this dynamic industry.

The organizers of MYS also observed two trends in the changing perception of yachting.

Firstly, a significant transition in the profile of yacht clients, with a marked decrease in the average age of superyacht owners (50-55 years). A new generation of younger and sustainability-conscious boaters is investing in yachting, expressing a strong interest in eco-responsible technologies and ever more personalized sea experiences.

In parallel, MYS has been the catalyst for a transformation in the media approach to yacht coverage. The media has shifted towards a discourse focused on sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and societal engagement, marking a significant departure from conventional narratives. This new approach has highlighted the concrete actions taken by the yachting industry to contribute to solving our current societal issues.

Monaco, July 20, 2023 – “A Green Commitment” is the latest episode of the This is Monaco series, available on YouTube and co-produced by the Monaco Yacht Show and specialized media agency

This fifth instalment provides an in-depth overview of the sustainability challenges faced by all stakeholders involved in the production and management of superyachts. It highlights the collaborative efforts between the industry and yacht owners to promote environmentally-friendly practices and explore ecological alternatives.

Watch the movie

Viewers will discover the initiatives and solutions implemented to address the environmental challenges within the yachting industry. Testimonials and interviews with industry experts showcase the measures taken to foster sustainability and environmental protection.

“A Green Commitment” highlights the innovations of shipyards and showcases sustainable solutions. These will be prominently featured at the Sustainability Hub exhibition during the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show from September 27th to 30th. The exhibition is supported by Siemens Energy, sponsor of the area, and Water Revolution Foundation, which is responsible for selecting the most viable exhibitors with sustainable solutions.

As the pinnacle of the superyacht calendar, the Monaco Yacht Show brings together yacht owners and industry experts in a global collaborative responsibility for the development of a greener industry. It’s worth noting that superyachts account for less than 0.3% of carbon emissions generated by all types of vessels worldwide.

The yachting sector is actively committed to environmental responsibility and is making tangible changes to transform the industry. Revolutionary technologies, combined with a growing concern for our planet, are guiding this transformation and demonstrating the yachting industry’s dedication to a sustainable future.

To learn more about the yachting industry’s sustainable initiatives and discover the latest advancements at the Monaco Yacht Show, visit the Sustainability Hub starting from September 27th!


Unveiling Monaco Yacht Show’s carbon neutrality plan: Collaborative efforts for a sustainable yachting event

Monaco, June 21, 2023 – The Monaco Yacht Show hosted a webinar exclusively for exhibitors and show suppliers to discuss its Carbon Neutrality Transition Plan.

The presentation emphasized the show’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its on going efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

With the implementation of a comprehensive three-phase transition plan, the Monaco Yacht Show is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality, actively involving all exhibitors and suppliers in the process.

The presentation was hosted by the Monaco Yacht Show and the auditing agency Nadeis which supports the show in its sustainability initiatives. Several topics were addressed during the presentation:

Introduction to the carbon neutrality transition plan: The Monaco Yacht Show aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by 2025 compared to 2022. It aligns with the Principality of Monaco’s low-carbon trajectory, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) officially announces the return of the Sustainability Hub for its second edition. This dedicated exhibition area will once again showcase companies specializing in sustainable technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of superyachts.

Located in the 200m² exhibition space of Darse Sud, dedicated to nautical equipment and technology, the Sustainability Hub serves as an incubator for innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

It provides a platform for both established companies offering tried-and-true sustainable alternatives and budding start-ups seeking to make a mark in the yachting industry with their forward-thinking ideas.

The selection process for the Sustainability Hub’s participants is carried out in collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation. This partnership ensures that only eligible companies with genuine and viable sustainable solutions are included in the exhibition.

The creation of the Sustainability Hub aligns with the Monaco Yacht Show’s long-standing commitment to an eco-friendly approach, which was initiated back in 2005. Over the years, the show has played an active role in raising environmental awareness within the Monegasque and international yachting community.

Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of the MYS, emphasized the show’s dedication to sustainability, stating, “The Monaco Yacht Show has been at the forefront of raising environmental awareness since joining the Carbon Neutral program in 2005. Our pioneering approach to sustainability led to the establishment of the Sustainability Hub last year. As one of the industry’s major voices, we fully embrace our social responsibility. This dedicated area for eco-friendly yachting alternatives is part of our extended sustainability program, which encompasses the entire show’s logistics and layout here in the port of Monaco. We aim to support exhibitors, service providers, and visitors alike in finding viable solutions to environmental challenges.

Robert Van Tol, Executive Director of the Water Revolution Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for the return of the Sustainability Hub, stating, “The Sustainability Hub’s second year at the Monaco Yacht Show is a crucial confirmation that there is a growing momentum in yachting. Ever more important is the proof of environmental credentials claimed. The show has been supportive of the vetting criteria, demonstrating its leading position in the field, and utilising Water Revolution Foundation’s expertise in sustainability. This exhibition area is designed to showcase technologies that bring concrete improvements to the world of yachting, including the health of the oceans. We are committed to finding, verifying, promoting, and rewarding sustainable solutions, and driving the necessary change.”

The Monaco Yacht Show is delighted to announce its partnership with Siemens Energy as the sponsor of the Sustainability Hub. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity for all stakeholders in the yachting industry to engage with Siemens Energy and discuss the integration of sustainable energy sources and clean fuels into an exclusive Energy Management and Propulsion System. The system is specifically designed for electric and hybrid yachts, aiming to reduce and control emissions. By joining forces with Siemens Energy, the Monaco Yacht Show aims to further enhance its commitment to promoting a responsible and environmentally-friendly approach throughout the yachting industry.

Engage with the visionaries behind the superyacht masterpieces at the yacht design & innovation hub

The Monaco Yacht Show announces the highly anticipated Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, where yacht enthusiasts and industry professionals can engage directly with the brilliant minds behind the most exceptional superyacht constructions.

Launched in 2021, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub is the ultimate destination for those seeking the latest innovations in yacht design and trends.

The hub has quickly become a key highlight of the Monaco Yacht Show. Located at Virage Louis Chiron within the show’s Dockside area, the hub will bring together 21 esteemed exhibitors, renowned for their ground-breaking contributions to the superyacht industry and for shaping the most iconic vessels.

In addition to the exhibitions, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub will host live presentations in collaboration with the yachting media Superyacht Times. These insightful sessions will delve into topics such as current and future trends in superyacht design, innovative solutions, and sustainable projects.

Visitors will discover the MYS Immersive Experience
Visitors will experience the MYS Immersive Experience, developed in partnership with Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH), to elevate their visit with this exclusive offering. Stepping into a captivating world where walls become portals, they will witness the unveiling of breathtaking creations by talented designers. Prepare to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring realm of superyacht design.