Yacht crew uniforms

You wear it well

ONBOARD looks at the smart and practicable options for crew uniforms for the 2024 season

If your garment has the Liquid label inside, you can be assured that it is designed specifically for yachting. Utilising UPF protection with quick dry and performance fabrics, Liquid is the leading edge for stylish, functional uniform. Over the past 25 years Liquid has developed into an internationally recognised brand. With retail stores in both the USA and France, Liquid’s capabilities range from outfitting your newly built yacht to resupplying your current uniform requirement. 2024 brings an emphasis on sustainability with Liquid’s exclusive uniform recycling programme. Crew members can drop off or ship any of their old uniforms to their U.S. location. Liquid will donate unmarked garments to worthy charities or send marked uniforms to be shredded into fibres that will then be used to create new textiles. Up-to-date styles, fabric innovations, sustainability, and worldwide efficiency are the attributes that elevate Liquid over the competition.

When you’re looking to get your crew kitted out, what do you look for? Could it be kit that is designed by people who have worked on board, who understand exactly what you need on a day- to-day basis? Or possibly a supplier who designs and manufactures their own kit, creating gear that meets exacting superyacht quality standards? What about a team who produces sustainable crew kit that still looks great, is comfortable and durable? Well, the team at VMG tick all those boxes, and some. The VMG Crew are a mix of professional sailors, ex-officers, chief stews, and fashion designers. VMG Clothing is trusted by crews across the world for its comfort, durability and great looks. They provide comprehensive project management. Whether it’s graphic design, brand sourcing, customisation, or logistics, they integrate every aspect into a polished and cohesive solution. New Zealand is synonymous with sailing and the marine industry, so their HQ in Auckland is perfectly positioned to harness generations of knowledge. The European Office is located in Palma de Mallorca, with their own manufacturing facilities in China. All combining to ensure they are well-placed to service all your global crew wear needs. At VMG they don’t just create uniforms, they build enduring client relationships through outstanding service and transparency.


Deeply committed to the specific needs of captains and yacht crews, Marinepool’s design decisions are informed by a profound understanding of the challenges and demands of maritime life. This approach results in products that are not only functional, breathable, and comfortable but also embody a commitment to environmental stewardship. Marinepool’s gear, from fabric choice to feature design, is engineered to require minimal care, saving time and resources while maintaining performance and appearance. The Edition Tec Polo from their 2024 collection exemplifies Marinepool’s vision for the future of yachting gear. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it features the plant-based Polygiene StayFresh™ technology for unmatched odor control, reducing the need for frequent washing and conserving onboard resources, reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly design and efficiency. Accompanying the polo, the Edition Tec Jacket and Trousers set new standards for comfort and functionality. Made with highly elastic, lightweight 4-way stretch fabric, these pieces ensure an exceptional fit and breathability, tailored to the dynamic needs of maritime professionals. Marinepool’s gear enhances the maritime experience without compromising on environmental values. By continuing to redefine maritime apparel, Marinepool fosters a worldwide community united by a profound love for the ocean.

Marina Yacht Wear

Marina Yacht Wear stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the yacht apparel industry, committed to redefining style and responsibility on the high seas. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices is evident in every stitch of their high-quality yacht crew uniforms, meticulously crafted from ecological fabrics. This commitment extends beyond their products to embody the very essence of the brand, ensuring that they not only dress the crews of today but also safeguard the oceans for tomorrow. With the recent opening of showrooms in the picturesque cities of Nice, France, and Athens, Greece, they are expanding their reach, bringing their unique blend of style, sustainability, and service closer to their valued clientele. What sets Marina Yacht Wear apart is their dedication to producing their own brand, guaranteeing consistency and quality across the range. They are weaving a future where luxury and sustainability sail hand in hand.

Horizon Collection: Developed to combine a professional, stylish look with daily comfort and ease of care. The Horizon fabric is stain-resistant, quick drying, and even rated to UPF 30 to help out on those sunny days. Produced in their most commonly requested colours and available in a wide range of silhouettes, the Horizon Collection has something for all uniform programs. A staple of the Smallwood’s line, Horizon is kept stocked at the highest level to ensure it is always available for order. Pacific/Elements Collection: Originally created for use in boardshorts, their Pacific fabric has proven to be supremely versatile. A soft hand, lightweight feel and abundance of stretch make this one of the most comfortable fabrics they’ve ever worked with. These pieces are all easy care, quick dry, and rated to UPF 50, so in addition to looking and feeling great they stay in perfect shape with minimal effort. Universal Collection: One of their first forays into introducing high levels of stretch to items that can work for both on and off charter. The idea was to offer something that is stylish and professional while still being comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. Since its launch this collection of skorts and shorts has been successfully incorporated into countless uniform programmes across the globe.


Prestige Yacht-Wear, designed and crafted in France for superyachts, is proud to present the Luxury Yacht fashion collection, a unique synthesis of more than 30 years’ experience in Yacht-Wear, to offer to the world’s-finest yachts: the finest technical fabrics in the world, that are both 100% environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. A wide range of functional and extremely comfortable smart products with modern and unique timeless designs. Unlimited creative and customisation possibilities, with their in-house design-prototyping team and wide fabrics and glamorous colours range. With their own production facilities in France, they guarantee to always deliver, anywhere in the world. Prestige Yacht Wear has opened its very first shop in Antibes to introduce you to all the creations. Each piece tells its own story, come discover it at 6 Avenue de Verdun in Antibes, in front of the Port. Distributed by “Marine Broderies – Prestige Yacht Uniforms & Interiors”, a leading company in yacht uniforms and finest embroidery for the past 35 years, you’ll have access to all the best yacht uniforms brands, the finest linens and interior brands for your yacht.

MODIFOX Ocean Kiss – The 1st yacht shoe that doesn’t get dirty
Modifox launches a special boat shoe. Going from dock to deck in 1 clean step. Thereby saving yacht crews a ton of stress and the planet a ton of CO2.

Changing shoes is annoying. That’s what over 80% of those surveyed by Modifox & Appinio say. Modifox wants to change that.

For years the team developed KlickTech© – a patent-pending technology that makes two things possible. Hands-free adjustment and a design that matches the everyday sneaker. According to Devin Agca, co-founder of Modifox:
People pay attention to what they see first. Only if the design is right, we have a chance to convince our customers of the functionality.

The product serves a sustainable purpose, too. Modifox found a way to avoid emissions of several products through its more-in-1 principle. Once a sole wears out, it is easily replaced thanks to the modular design.

First designed to be a hybrid slipper, the Kiss (Keep it simple, stupid) raised over 15.000€ in pre-orders on Kickstarter in 2023. Now, the company developed Ocean Kiss – the first yacht shoe that stays clean. Within a month, Modifox sold 1,000 units to yachts and uniform brands.
But the No. 1 question everyone asks is: ,What if the soles fall off?’ To prove that the technology works, co-founder Devin Agca thus runs the LaValette Marathon on 24th March 2024 in a pair of Modifox shoes – in front of dozens of superyachts watching.

The first products are to be shipped by the end of March 2024.



Packing the right gear to cope with changing weather conditions on and offshore can be a chore. For the best days of your life, on and off the water, Henri-Lloyd has put together the perfect capsule wardrobe, compact enough to fit into a waterproof backpack, but extensive enough to cover all types of activities on and offshore.
Start with the basics: Henri-Lloyd’s NTS Aktiv Top and Aktiv Pant base layers are made from 100% recycled polyester. Available in black and steel grey, these warm, soft and comfortable long-sleeved tops and full-length pants provide the perfect blend of warmth when needed, and are breathable to absorb any body moisture.
Make the most of the mid layer: A good mid-layer jacket is everyone’s favourite. The Smart-Therm’s body-mapping targets warmth, wicking and ventilation where it’s needed. The high performing versatile Aktiv Stretch has soft micro fleece lined pockets and a zipped chest pocket. Made from recycled polyester, the quick drying fabric offers high-wicking properties and thermal regulation.