Airmont’s Streaming Optimization


Live TV on board without interruptions, and with all the extra features you’d expect

Airmont has revolutionised the streaming and TV experience on private or chartered yachts with their innovative solution, and by offering live TV channels available anywhere on the open sea and without technical interruptions.

For many people, watching TV programmes or streamed films is a way of relaxing while on holiday. The introduction of high-speed internet via satellite creates a desire to watch TV everywhere a yacht travels.

AIRMONTAirmont, a leading French technical company, has developed cutting-edge software and hardware solutions allowing yacht operators to make use of their existing internet connection seamlessly without exceeding the Gbyte plan of the subscription. Their expertise lies in providing exceptional streaming capabilities for passengers on various modes of transportation, including yachts, but also business jets. The technology is proven with more than 10000 hours of use at sea and in-flight, since 2019.

The key to Airmont’s live TV solution is its Streaming Optimization service, which focuses on transparently optimizing video streaming experiences. This service lies on their patented technology “Airmont- Cast” and leverages the popular “cast” icon, so users can watch their own subscribed streaming content on the yacht’s screen. Traditional streaming services often require substantial bandwidth, which can be a challenge in remote areas or when relying on satellite connections. By subscribing to Airmont’s Streaming Optimization service, yacht owners and charter guests can enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality screen time while utilizing significantly less internet bandwidth.

The solution is easy to deploy over the existing internet connection of the yacht. It requires one Airmont Gateway per yacht and can be displayed via Apple TV, iPad, or even directly on LG smart TVs. Airmont Gateway is available in three modes: Airmont Gateway Mini, supporting two simultaneous streams, Airmont Gateway 4G, similar to AG Mini with battery and 4G modem; and the most popular solution for yachts, Airmont Gateway Multi, supporting up to 10 simultaneous streams. Once onboard equipment is selected, it is necessary to subscribe to the Streaming Optimization service which is available with a comprehensive set of ‘service levels’, providing various levels of compression, and capabilities such as automatic Fall back to L-band satellite links like Iridium or Inmarsat.

This solution brings the comfort of home entertainment straight to the yacht. Passengers can easily access worldwide live content, including popular channels such as CNN, Bloomberg, and Cartoon Network. Many other channels are available for all screens on board with cleared rights making it a perfect service for chartered yachts.

AIRMONTThe combination of uninterrupted streaming, optimization of bandwidth usage, and additional features such as worldwide Live TV packages, has positioned Airmont as a leader in delivering exceptional entertainment experiences on yachts.

To try the service, Airmont offers a simple all-in-one Discovery Kit, composed of one Airmont Gateway Mini and 50 hours of streaming optimization on up to 2 streams, the Airmont Optimization Discovery Kit can be purchased online for a price of 850 EUR.

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