Heirlooms Linens

The touch of luxury

Indulge in the comfort of British manufactured sustainable luxury linens with Heirlooms

West Sussex, England, the Heirlooms brand has become synonymous within the yacht industry as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine quality bed, table and bathroom linens. For 40 years the company have remained true to their founding principles, combining the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship to create linens of exceptional quality and lasting beauty. It is no wonder they have an eclectic mix of discerning clients who value quality, excellence in manufacturing and great service.

Bed linens are one of the most personal items you can buy, and given we spend a significant part of our life in bed we should not compromise on comfort or quality in order to create the perfect night’s sleep. Heirlooms give an insight into why they are considered by many as ‘a cut-above- the-rest’.

Much has been written over the years about thread count but as a manufacturer Heirlooms know first-hand not all cotton is equal and thread count is often misleading. Heirlooms’ understanding of fabrics along with forging long-term collaborations with Italy’s finest weaving mills ensure only the best fabrics are selected. As a manufacturer they have flexibility to combine materials from different mills to create truly bespoke designs providing them with one of the largest ranges of fabrics available in the industry. From soft sateens, to cool percales, pure linens and luxurious cashmere, there are not many materials they cannot source.

“Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury!”


As a manufacturer with a strong creative element, they are somewhat unique in what they can offer their clients. The ultimate goal is to design and manufacture exceptional products that complement and enhance the overall interior décor and style.

Quality of materials and creativity are two key pillars. Of equal importance are the incredible skills within their dedicated manufacturing team. In Heirlooms’ recent company video, everyone spoke about the family values of the company and what it means for them. That sense of pride is reflected in the craftsmanship and teamwork that goes into every item produced.

That sense of teamwork is also reflected in how Heirlooms interact with all their clients and the long term friendships they have developed within the industry over the years. They are very much about supporting their clients whoever they may be throughout the process and providing excellent customer service.

Heirlooms have worked for over 14 years on sustainable practices from the sourcing of the very best cottons, including organic options, measuring our carbon foot print, minimising waste but just as important is social responsibility and the welfare of our craftspeople. The company’s commitment to such practices were reflected in Heirlooms being the only linen company to be awarded The Prince of Wales Warrant in 2012.

Heirlooms investment in five state of the art embroidery machines made to their precise specifications highlights the level of customisation available. From embroidered bed, table and bathroom linens to yacht logos, or completely new designs created to complement your interior décor.

The importance of good quality, durable bed linen in providing a luxurious and comfortable onboard experience cannot be overstated. Investing in the right linens is a statement of luxury, comfort and style.

For more details Tel: +44 (0) 1243 820 252 or visit www.heirlooms-linens.com