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The right lighting onboard can transform the feel and ambience at the touch of a button

Nothing works without light, on land nor on water. Light creates security, gives signals and shows the right direction. It also creates moods and atmosphere because the luminescence can be controlled and the colour can be changed. For more than 20 years, the developer and artisan Springer Lighting Solutions from Germany has been dedicated to the efficient, sensible and also extravagant use of light on yachts. The portfolio of the specialist is so comprehensive in this area, that only a small excerpt from the range can be listed here. By the way, all solutions are exclusively developed and made in Germany.

The fact that boats and yachts are given a name shows how important these vessels are to their owners. They are an expression of personal identity, a statement and of course also a place of retreat. Accordingly, the vessels’ names are chosen with care and also designed in the same way.

With the support of Springer Lighting Solutions, each boat is made unique simply by the presentation of the name. Even if the customer’s request is only available as a hand sketch, Springer can transform this into a unique statement. Signage can be crafted in various materials, two-dimensional or in 3D, illuminated or unlighted. The illuminated ship names from Springer are reliable, maintenance-free and can shine in monochrome, RGBW, with colour changes also possible.

Let’s go deeper. Under the yacht, or at least under the surface of the water. Because here, too, light can achieve great things. The interaction of the water with different light sources creates radiant silhouettes, atmospheric ambient lights and magical moments on the sea. Springer Lighting Solutions develops individual underwater concepts with which every owner can give his yacht its own individual ambience by using the medium of water for a breathtaking play of colours and moods.

Light creates security. And light creates atmosphere. So why don’t we combine the two? No problem for Springer Lighting Solutions. With atmospheric lighting, one can impressively set the scene for every corridor, gangway and staircase. Although the light also fulfills its primary function here, ensuring the safety of the guests and the crew, the external effect may well be different. Shapes, patterns and backlit areas are pleasing to the eye and can set the scene and mood.

A helipad on a yacht is in itself a sensational eye catcher. With the helipad lighting from Springer, the landing deck becomes a colourful spectacle with a huge wow effect. Instead of attached spotlights, Springer installs coloured light profiles embedded at ground level, which allow the H and the perimeter circles to be clearly recognised
even from a distance. There are no longer any tripping hazards on deck, but there is an impressive staging for the approach, when the owners and guests arrive.

It is hardly possible to present the complete range of products from Springer Lighting Solutions. No solution is predetermined and nothing is “off-the-shelf”.

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