Superyacht Refit & Repair Yards


After a busy season it is time to start thinking about some yard time. But have you prepared your checklist? In short, get it right before you arrive, and the refit will have a much better chance of producing a successful outcome. ONBOARD takes a look at some of your top choices around the globe.

There are a myriad of things to think about before entering the shipyard for your repairs or refit, below we take a quick look at some of top priorities.

There is little point in preparing a refit wish list as long as your arm, if the pocket to pay for it is limited. So in preparing any scope of work document it is important to put the necessary times for Class and so forth before that endless‘wish list’. Remember to keep funds in reserve, you know from experience, things will be uncovered that were not foreseen. Work with a yard that has a good reputation for cost control and one that understands the concept of time is money.

Don’t just choose a yard because the location is ‘nice’ or it’s near home or the crew fancy a few months near a ‘vibrant city’. Refits are hard work and down time is as rare during refit as it is during charter. It would be better to schedule in crew R&R as a reward for a successful refit rather than compromise the job.

Check out the yard’s facilities long before committing the yacht to refit. Talk to other captains and engineers who have been to the yard and ask for referrals and references. Think hard about effective communication, this is often the foundation of successful projects. Good communication can unite crew and shipyard staff in striving for project objectives and budget.

Prepare a well thought out programme of events that need to take place during the period the yacht is in the shipyard. A refit workflow sheet should define the sequence of activities, responsibilities and data that must be exchanged or completed to move forward in a proactive and productive manner.

Yard time is probably not the most exciting nor it is very glamorous. But remember, the refit period is what makes the yacht’s reputation possible. Begin with a positive attitude, remember that it is a means to an end and it will end at some point!

ORAMS Marine
The superyacht hub of the South Pacific. Sitting in the heart of the Pacific’s cruising grounds, Orams Marine has had a singular focus since it hauled its first superyacht in 1987; to create the superyacht hub of the South Pacific. Visit the full refit yard and it’s easy to see this goal has been achieved, and with interest. Multiple travel lifts, ranging from 820 tonne, to 85, and 75 tonne, are supported by a 600 tonne slipway, which means a range of vessels on the central Auckland hardstand. Behind the vessels in refit, the yard is undertaking its own improvements. Two 60 metre superyacht buildings are nearing completion and are part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar development to keep Orams Marine’s facilities at the cutting edge of refit yards. These superyacht buildings will be large enough to accommodate the 820 tonne travel lift, meaning even the largest of vessels can access work in a controlled environment. They join six new 90 metre marina berths with deep draft and no air draft restriction, complementing six existing marinas, a state-of-the-art hardstand water management system, and the expanded range of travel lifts to ensure yachts in the Pacific have world-standard refit facilities. Alongside the yard’s infrastructure, a full complement of crew services make this a home away from home for yachts in the South Pacific. With Orams Marine sitting steps from Auckland’s best hospitality precincts, there’s also plenty to keep crew comfortable within the gates. A crew gym is underway, plus concierge, offices, captain’s lounge, meeting rooms, and full support onsite to help unlock the best of this destination.
For more details Tel: +64 9 303 9999 or visit

Orams MarineOrams Marine

Monaco Marine
Monaco Marine is a network of refit and maintenance shipyards for yachts up to 160m+. Their expertise, know-how and ability to manage huge refit projects allow them to reach the highest quality standards available on the market. Over 3,000 yachts undergo refit, repair or wintering at Monaco Marine shipyards every year. Thanks to eight yacht facilities and one marina located from Monaco to Marseille, with 132’500 sqm of dry land including 13’500 sqm of covered areas, and 220 employees, Monaco Marine Group offers a large range of possibilities to its clients. With hauling out capacity up to 2000 tons and unlimited size afloat, each Monaco Marine shipyard has its own unique approach for each segment of yachts. The shipyards are equipped to carry out standard maintenance but also offer a much wider brief encompassing extensive works requiring specialists in engineering, carpentry, paint work, electrics and electronics. After more than 25 years’ experience, Monaco Marine provides the best support for owners, captains and crew along the year. Working with passion, providing the best tools, staying state of the art, innovating for tomorrow and always keeping customers’ satisfaction in mind, that’s their everyday life.
For more details Tel: +377 97 97 02 20
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Barcelona Nautic Center

Barcelona Nautic Center is a dry dock specialized in the repair and maintenance of motor and sailing vessels, in the best location in the western Mediterranean, right at the entrance to the new Barcelona Port, and near to the airport and the center of Barcelona. It occupies a technical area of ​​12.000 square meters, 250m of waiting and repair afloat, and two warehouses of 600 and 300 square meters, for painting and repair work under cover. Their team is pioneer in the repair and maintenance of sailing and motor boats, which allows us to work on all repair projects. They are experts in paint and fiber, mechanics, carpentry, rigging, hydraulics, electricity and electronics, metalwork, naval engineering and architecture, and tank cleaning.
For more details Tel: +34 932 217 062
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STP Shipyard Palma
The ‘open shipyard’ and best location for the refit up to 1.000tn in Palma de Mallorca. STP Shipyard Palma is Europe’s leading refit & repair facility thanks to its open shipyard management model, unique in the sector. Situated in the stunning setting of Palma de Mallorca, with 130.000m2 of technical area, has the best professional team to serve vessels up to 120m length and 1.000 tonnes weight. Its open shipyard management model allows users to choose themselves which companies they want to work with so they can keep a tighter control on the entire refit & repair process, with the convenience of having all services and trades on-site which naturally translates into savings in time and money. Since its inception 15 years ago, STP has grown to be one of the busiest superyacht refit hubs in the World. From its origins, its capabilities have transformed exponentially. Thanks to the 6.500 vessels, 3.000 professionals and 600 contractors, STP has become a benchmark that has turned Mallorca into an internationally renowned hub for superyacht refit & repair. High level of safety, quality and efficiency.
For more details Tel: +34 971 21 47 47
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KM Yachtbuilders
With over 100 fine ships to our name, KM Yachtbuilders has established a strong reputation as a leading builder of outstanding explorer yachts. We stand for uncompromising craftsmanship and exceptional quality, which is why all our ships are built in-house, from A to Z. As one of the few complete shipyards left in the world, we hold all boat-building disciplines under one roof. Each department its own expertise. Each expertise its very own specialists. Besides building new yachts, KM Yachtbuilders specializes in giving new life to yachts through refits, repair, maintenance, and finishing vessels of up to 100 feet. As we hold all expertise in-house, from casco to carpentry, you can rely on a smooth and efficient process. With a single contact point backed up by an experienced team of 50+ professionals, attention is given to not only the quality of the work, but also the experience throughout. With a fleet of yachts operating in demanding sea areas, including the arctic, the utmost attention is given to quality and reliability, every step of the way. Dutch craftsmanship as you would expect. Our modern shipyard is located in the village of Makkum at the IJsselmeer, which can be easily reached by boat.
For more details Tel: +31 (0)515 233 000
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Lürssen Yacht Refit
Refit has become a core business for Lürssen. The Lürssen group has unique facilities and a second to none potential to undertake multiple refits at a time, all in Northern Germany. “A refit is not just about necessary maintenance, it can also be a way to completely transform a yacht,” says Alberto Perrone, Refit Sales Director at Lürssen. “We enjoy the very complex rebuilds and refits, we like when owners come to us with problems to solve, we want to do the things that other yards steer clear of,” he says. During the last year more than a dozen yachts between 70 and well over 100 meters have used the Lürssen facilities for modifications and maintenance works. And with over 1800 qualified and experienced employees, Lürssen also has the manpower to tackle any project – be it a new build, an refit or a conversion. Lürssen has also invested in a think tank that dedicates itself to finding solutions to yacht building and maintenance problems before they even arise. This proactive stance also cuts down the time a yacht spends out of the water, which can be a big selling point to owners who like to spend as much time on board as possible. This, coupled with German engineering and timekeeping, gives many owners peace of mind when they take their yachts back to Lürssen.
For more details Tel: +49 (0)421 6604 159
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KRM Yacht
KRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild was established in 2010 with the intent of focusing on superyacht refits. Since then, has continued to invest in that area and has become a leader of the superyacht refit industry in Turkey. Increasing its capacity and “repeat client” number every year following numerous accomplishments, KRM has continuously sought to improve its output and standards.
Located in Tuzla, Istanbul, the KRM facility plays host to one of the biggest marine industries in the world, with all infrastructure capabilities meeting the needs and requirements of superyacht refits. The KRM yacht team is comprised of more than 80 marine professionals, including project managers, engineers, architects, surveyors, technicians and craftsmen. Services offered are; project management and development, engineering and design, interior & exterior works, painting, carpentry, metal works, plumbing & piping, mechanics, test & classification.
For more details Tel: +90 212 26 26 726
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KRM Yacht Refit & RebuildKRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild
NCA Refit

NCA Refit
NCA Refit offers exceptional infrastructure and services to superyachts. Thanks to constant and significant evolution, NCA Refit is one of the most prestigious shipyards in Europe. Skilled Project Management structure and Designer Team guarantee a very high level of planning and management of projects. NCA Refit operates in the yard of Marina di Carrara (120.000 sqm), in the yard of La Spezia (32.000 sqm) and in the yard of Viareggio (4.000 sqm) for a total of 156.000 square meters of operational area. The facilities include 200 meters private drydock (the biggest in the Mediterranean), a second 147 meters long dock, a floating dock for yachts of up to 3.300 tons, 1.320 sqm of subcontractors’ production workshop, two travel lifts of 260T and 820T, one keel pit and one syncro lift of 1000 T. Internal upholstery department, interior carpentry, steel workshop and on-site ship chandler are also present. The Crew Member Village is a space dedicated to captain and crews, with an elegant restaurant and lounge bar, gym, spa and beauty center. A 24/7 concierge service is dedicated to reservations and information regarding leisure activities, personal care services and place to visit.
For more details Tel:+39 0585 5062
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MMH Malta

MMH Malta
Right in the centre of the Mediterranean in Malta’s safe and accessible Grand Harbour, and with over 20 years of experience in project-management capability, MMH is the Maritime Hub of choice for yachts and super yachts of all types. The MMH team can fulfil your refit, repair and maintenance plans with reliable quality and high technical capability. Whether for regular maintenance works or extensive and complex refit and repair plans, MMH meets the highest requirements and standards. Our facility is a short drive away from Malta’s airport and our unique Hub setup provides a dedicated office, workshop and warehousing space for specialized maritime sub-contractors and supply chain providers to operate from and make use of the Hub’s facilities and ancillary services. Our extensive facilities include: two travel lifts with lifting capabilities of up to 300 tons and 700 tons respectively, capable of lifting yachts with a 13-metre beam and spanning 60-meters in length, 1200 meters of berthing space and two 45-meter-long piers (with a 9-meter and 14-meter width basin), 80,000 square meters of laydown area, and 6,000 square metres of covered sheds, accessible via the travel lifts.
For more details Tel: +356 9907 6643
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Balk Shipyard
Balk Shipyard has been in operation since 1798 and is a leading player in superyacht rebuild, conversion and repair. Owners choose Balk Shipyard for their no-nonsense approach, their quality and excellent craftsmanship. Undertaking a refit or rebuild needs a mindset which is completely different from building a new yacht. With Balk Shipyard’s team of well-experienced projectmanagers, know-how and trust from the Owners side, the yard is capable of creating the unimaginable. Balk Shipyard employs 80 people and has two ultra-modern refit halls, a massive construction hall. Unique is the slipway installation that lifts vessels of up to 1200 tons out of the water very smooth.
For more details Tel: +31 (0) 527 681 741
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Balk ShipyardBalk Shipyard